As you prepare to sell your house, here are some things to do.

First Impressions could be the last. From the landscaping to the front door, make a statement.

Prior to shopping for a loan, it is critical to prepare a folder with all the documentation a lender will need to process a loan. The following list is a guideline for the most requested documents. Keep in mind - depending on your current status (employed, self- employed, or retired), additional documentation may be needed.

  • Mow the lawn and remove weeds
  • Add new mulch to flower beds
  • Trim shrubs and remove any tree limbs from the roof line
  • In Spring, add color
  • Fresh flowers in beds, or in pots on/ near the front porch
  • Sweep the walkways and around garage door
  • Remove any cobwebs or wasp nest
  • Look at the front door & trim work - do they need painting or to be washed down?
  • Be sure the front door hardware is clean and in smooth working condition
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  • Remove/secure valuables
  • Organize closets and cabinets
  • Remove clutter from kitchen counters
  • Clean appliances inside and out
  • Clean windows inside and out including window sills, dust blinds
  • Clean all flooring
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Mop all tile flooring and vacuum wood floors
  • If tile flooring grout is dirty, have it professionally cleaned
  • Look at all door frames & light switches, wash off finger prints and, if in need of paint, freshen up
  • Dust all ceiling fixtures, lights & vents
  • Dust baseboards
  • Clean bathrooms and remove as much as possible from vanity tops
  • Dust light fixtures in bathrooms
  • If you have a shower curtain, is it fresh or ready for replacement?
  • Is glass shower enclosure clean and free of water deposits?
  • Check caulking around tubs/showers
  • If stained, have them re-caulked
  • Have a plan for pets during showings, put up dog beds
  • Scented candles or plug in air fresheners for an ongoing fresh scent
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Exterior and general maintenance

  • Clean patio & add color if possible
  • Clean out gutters
  • Clean out track for sliding doors
  • Check sprinkler system for any broken heads
  • Sweep out garage and remove any unwanted items
  • Is fence is good repair or need stained?
  • Change out filters on HVAC system
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