A home that can be shown easily, sells quicker

What to Expect

  • Your home will be shown the most during the first 7-10 days on the market
  • Make your home available to show with as little limitations as possible
  • Realtor’s typically show several homes to a buyer within a short window span, and often do not have 24 hour advance notice
  • With internet marketing, more often than not, a Realtor will receive a call the same day from a buyer wanting to see your home as soon as possible
  • Showings are set up through the DFW Centralized Showing Service
  • You can approve a showing via phone or text
  • When a showing is approved, plan on leaving the home during the showing
  • A buyer may feel more like an intruder if the seller remains in the home and will not express their true opinion about the home to their Realtor
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Prior to the showing appointment

  • Be sure beds are made
  • Put dirty laundry in hamper or wash machine
  • Keep kitchen & bathrooms clean
  • No dishes in sink or a lot of bottles in tub/shower
  • Keep fresh towels in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Scented soaps on counters is OK
  • Check for noticeable dust and use a dust cloth to remove
  • Turn on lights and open drapes to let light in
  • Remove or kennel pets
  • Tuck pet beds & pet bowls out of way so they are not kicked or tripped on
  • Straighten pillows on chairs & couch
  • If available, put on soft music
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